Wholesale Trolleite Polished Pillars 2-4" - Sold by Piece

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Introducing our Wholesale Trolleite Polished Pillars, available in sizes ranging from 2 to 4 inches. Each of these exquisite polished pillars is sold individually, offering a unique and powerful addition to your crystal and metaphysical product selection.

Trolleite, a rare and sought-after crystal, is known for its calming and harmonizing properties. These polished pillars showcase the beauty of Trolleite's blue and green hues, making them visually captivating as well as spiritually meaningful.

Each Trolleite Polished Pillar is a unique work of art, displaying variations in color, pattern, and inclusions. This individuality allows your customers to connect with the crystal's energy in a personal and distinctive way.

Trolleite is believed to enhance communication, psychic abilities, and spiritual growth. These polished pillars are ideal for meditation, energy work, and chakra balancing, making them appealing to customers seeking tools for personal development and holistic practices.

By purchasing these polished pillars in bulk, you can take advantage of cost savings and offer competitive prices to your customers. They are a valuable addition to your crystal and metaphysical product selection.

These Trolleite Polished Pillars can be displayed as décor pieces, incorporated into crystal grids, placed on altars, or used in meditation practices. Their versatility complements a wide range of holistic practices and décor styles.

Elevate your inventory with the unique and harmonizing energy of our Wholesale Trolleite Polished Pillars. Whether you run a metaphysical store, wellness center, or an online retail business, these pillars are a must-have addition. Sold individually, they empower your customers to embrace the calming and spiritually uplifting properties of Trolleite in their own distinct way. Purchase these polished pillars today to enhance your product offerings and provide your customers with a powerful and visually captivating crystal experience.

Trolleite Pillars are natural polished towers ranging in size from 2 to 4 inches. Each pillar weighs between .130 kg to .150 kg. This item is priced per piece.