Wholesale Tourmaline in Quartz Polished Pillars 2-5"

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These unique pillars are a gemstone specimen that showcase the intriguing combination of tourmaline crystals embedded within clear quartz. These polished pillars offer a harmonious blend of natural aesthetics and metaphysical qualities, making them a remarkable addition to any crystal collection or a thoughtful gift choice. This product is a natural specimen with a size that varies between 2 to 5 inches in height.  The average weight of the item is between .1 and .6 kg. These points are ethically sourced directly from Brazil. 

This item is priced per piece.  

Tourmaline in quartz combines the striking beauty of clear quartz with the unique energy of tourmaline crystals. Within each pillar, you'll discover the captivating contrast of transparent quartz hosting tourmaline inclusions, creating a visually captivating gemstone.

These polished tips not only serve as decorative pieces but also symbolize balance and harmony.  Tourmaline is believed to have protective and grounding properties, and said to shield the wearer from negative energies and promoting a sense of stability. When combined with clear quartz, these qualities are believed to be amplified, making Tourmaline in Quartz Polished Tips a powerful tool for energy work and protection.