Wholesale Tiger's Eye Natural Pillars with Polished Tips 2-4" - Sold by Piece

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Introducing our Wholesale Tiger's Eye Natural Pillars with Polished Tips, a stunning addition to your inventory that combines the raw, earthy beauty of Tiger's Eye with the elegance of polished tips. These unique gemstone pillars, sold individually, are a perfect blend of nature's craftsmanship and human refinement, making them a versatile and meaningful choice for crystal enthusiasts and collectors.

Natural Beauty Meets Polished Elegance: Our Tiger's Eye Natural Pillars feature raw, uncut bases that showcase the stone's natural texture and character. Each piece culminates in a polished tip, allowing the mesmerizing chatoyant effect of Tiger's Eye to shine brilliantly.

Metaphysical Significance: Tiger's Eye is renowned for its metaphysical properties, including courage, protection, and personal empowerment. These pillars offer a harmonious combination of the stone's raw grounding energy and the enhanced focus provided by the polished tips.

Versatile Uses: Whether placed on an altar, used for meditation, or incorporated into crystal grids, these Tiger's Eye pillars are versatile tools for spiritual practices. Their unique combination of natural and polished elements makes them suitable for both decorative and energy work purposes.

Sold by Piece: Our Tiger's Eye Natural Pillars are available for purchase individually, allowing your customers to select the specific piece that resonates with them.

Handpicked Quality: We carefully select each Tiger's Eye pillar for its exceptional quality and unique appearance, ensuring that your customers receive a one-of-a-kind gemstone.

Perfect for Resellers and Collectors: These pillars are ideal for metaphysical stores, crystal boutiques, gift shops, and collectors who appreciate the beauty and energy of Tiger's Eye in its raw and polished form.


  • Size: 2-4 inches (approximately)
  • Material: Tiger's Eye
  • Natural Base with Polished Tip

Elevate your product offerings with the exquisite blend of natural authenticity and polished elegance found in our Wholesale Tiger's Eye Natural Pillars with Polished Tips. These unique pieces are not only aesthetically captivating but also carry the metaphysical properties of Tiger's Eye, making them a sought-after addition to any collection or spiritual practice.

They range in size between 2 to 4 inches in height. The average weight of the item is between 0.2 and 0.5kg.  This item is priced per piece.