Black Tourmaline Rough Chunks under 1 inch

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Handsome pieces of Black Tourmaline Rough chunks are a must have for any collection.  These Black Tourmaline measure approximately one inch and are the perfect size to keep near.  Many believe that keeping a piece of Black Tourmaline near the entrance to your home can be an added protection.

Tourmaline Rough Chunks are sold individually.  

Black Tourmaline is a complex aluminum borosilicate with a hexagonal crystal system with an opaque black color.  Black Tourmaline is found in the United States, Brazil, China, Africa, and Pakistan.  Black Tourmaline is believed to be grounding, purifying, and protecting.  It is thought to eliminate fear, anger, frustration, shame, worry and so many other negative emotions.

Tourmaline is a crystalline boron silicate mineral compounded with elements such as aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium. Tourmaline is classified as a semi-precious stone and the gemstone comes in a wide variety of colors. Tourmaline was sometimes called the "Ceylonese [Sri Lankan] Magnet" because it could attract and then repel hot ashes due to its pyroelectric properties. Tourmaline is rated between 7 and 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.  Tourmaline is associated with optimism and spirit, as well as imagination and dreams.

Each piece is similar, though no item at Crystal Joys is exactly the same as every item is a unique stone that is non-fabricated. Slight variations in color, size, and shape may exist. Every item at Crystal Joys is true "one of a kind". Contact us if you would like to see the specific stone prior to purchase and we would be happy to send you a picture prior to shipment.