Wholesale Amethyst Slice Mirror with Custom Iron Frame - 11.74kg 14.5"w x 14.5"h

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This stunning amethyst mirror weighs 11.74kg and measures 14.5"w x 14.5"h and is imported straight from Southern Brazil.  This amethyst mirror has custom glass cut and sized to fit the unique shape of the crystal slice.  It's secured with custom iron backing with a top hole to properly secure the mirror to the wall. The amethyst is about 2" in the slice thickness of the stone.

Each mirror is listed with both weight (in kilograms) and dimensions from the largest area in both width and height.  

Welcome to the world of our Wholesale Amethyst Slice Mirror with a Custom Iron Frame, a fusion of nature's beauty and expert craftsmanship. This remarkable piece, weighing 11.74 kilograms and measuring 14.5 inches in both width and height, is a luxurious and one-of-a-kind addition to any interior space or retail setting.

Product Highlights:

1. Stunning Amethyst Slice: At its heart, this mirror features a breathtaking Amethyst slice. Renowned for its deep purple hues and spiritual significance, Amethyst adds an element of sophistication and mystique to any environment.

2. Custom Iron Frame: The Amethyst slice is elegantly framed with a custom iron frame, skillfully crafted to enhance the crystal's natural beauty while providing structural support and a touch of industrial elegance.

3. Size and Weight: This substantial piece measures 14.5 inches in both width and height, weighing 11.74 kilograms, making it a commanding focal point that demands attention and admiration.

4. Unique and One-of-a-Kind: Each Amethyst slice mirror is inherently unique, as the patterns and colors of Amethyst slices naturally vary. This uniqueness adds to its value and appeal for collectors, interior designers, and those seeking exceptional decor.

5. Metaphysical Significance: Amethyst is renowned for its metaphysical properties, believed to promote tranquility, enhance intuition, and provide spiritual protection. This mirror can infuse your space with the calming and spiritually uplifting energy of Amethyst.

6. Versatile Décor: Whether used as a functional mirror or a decorative art piece, this Amethyst slice mirror adds a touch of natural elegance and positive energy to any room, spa, or wellness center.

7. Secure Packaging: We prioritize quality and protection, ensuring that this extraordinary piece is meticulously packaged to arrive safely at your designated location.


Elevate your interior design or retail offerings with the captivating beauty and metaphysical energy of our Wholesale Amethyst Slice Mirror with a Custom Iron Frame. This extraordinary piece transcends being merely a mirror; it's a statement of elegance, spirituality, and natural wonder. Order now to make a profound impact on your space or offer your customers an exceptional décor piece that harmoniously combines the artistry of nature with masterful craftsmanship.

Pictures depict the exact amethyst mirror that you will receive.